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Get Involved in Your State!

There are viable populations of gray wolves in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska. There's a recovering population of around 100 gray wolves in Oregon and Washington. There are 7 gray wolves in California, and gray wolves are poised to return to Colorado and maybe Utah and the upper east coast. Around 100 Mexican gray wolves, a subspecies of gray wolves, live along the border of New Mexico and Arizona. Less than 100 red wolves, a different species of wolf, live in North Carolina. Find out what's happening in your state! Often there are meetings about wolf management that are open to public comment - keep track of them and attend/speak at them (no matter your age)! For advice on how to get involved in these meetings, feel free to email at
If you live in California, Oregon, or Washington, follow If you live in Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, follow

Michigan Department of Natural Resources:,4570,7-153-10370_12145_12205_63607_63608-292027--,00.html

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks:

Idaho Department of Fish and Game:

Wyoming Department of Game and Fish:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish:

Arizona Game and Fish Department:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mexican Wolf Info:

Write a Letter to the Editor

Want to raise awareness and share your views about wolves? Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper! You could write to a national or local paper. Go to that newspaper's website and search "write a letter to the editor." Most papers have a short limit on how much you can write, so you'll have to be concise. Here's a loose guideline of some things to include:

- How old are you? When, how, and why did you first become interested in wolves?
- What is the issue you're concerned about? Why is it important to you? What concerns you about it?
- Why are wolves important to you and other young people across the country/world?
- What should people do about it? What would you like to see happen next?

This is a fantastic way to have your voice heard by lots of people, no matter what your age! If you have any questions, please email at, and please tell us if you get published! We'd love to see!


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  2. I had an Idea for Washington Wedge Pack Week. it would span the week in which the Wedge Pack wolves were killed. people would make an extra effort for wolf awareness, and could pledge to not eat beef for the week. and on midnight, September 27, there would be a statewide howl!

  3. i tried to go to but it says the page has a problem loading. i use Firefox. i have tried twice to get to that page but it won't, any help would be appreciated - thanks!

  4. I too are working on a Wolf Blog, Nice Blog, Great Style!