Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Proposed Wyoming Wolf Hunt


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National Wolfwatcher Public Statement regarding the proposed Wyoming wof hunt:
"State officials reported that there were about 300 wolves in the state outside of Yellowstone when the state took over management of wolves in Wyoming. According to Brian Nesvik, the department’s chief game warden, WY Game and Fish officials had hoped to use the 2012 hunting season to lower wolf numbers from 192 to 172 in the northwest corner of the state outside of Yellowstone National Park.  Final estimates show 169 wolves and 15 breeding pairs lived in that area after the hunting season.  About 90 more wolves and six breeding pairs lived in Yellowstone and on the reservation at the end of 2012, according to estimates.
Wyoming officials reported that last season, hunters killed 42 wolves during the trophy and seasonal trophy hunting seasons from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. Wolves can be shot without a license during any time of the year in about 85 percent of the state known as the predator zone, and thus  far this year, hunters have killed 16 wolves in this zone to date. Monthly updates are provided on the agency’s website.
Although the 2013 wolf plan reduces the kill-quota to 26 wolves in the seasonal trophy zones, hunting and trapping in the rest of the state is unlimited.  Thus, we believe that the Department’s proposals already approach a dangerous slippery slope when it comes to state management of wolves in Wyoming. Thus we oppose all hunting and trapping in the state at this time. In fact, we feel the plan has the potential to recklessly unravel the recovery of wolves in the entire Northern Rockies region."


Thanks to the National Wolfwatcher Coalition!


  1. Please leave the wolves alone, they are just coming off being almost gone. There are other ways to manage without killing.

  2. Keep up the good work who knows one day you might be the president of the US and able to do what's right for the animals as well as the ecosystem...praise

  3. Keep up the good work who knows one day you might be the president of the US and able to do what's right for the animals as well as the ecosystem...praise

  4. If we are at the top of the so-called food chain, picture it as a pyramid if you will. We have already eliminated so many blocks in that pyramid that, what if the only thing holding us at our place, is the wolf? What if that is the only thing keeping nature in balance? If you cause the wolves to go extinct, you could very well be dooming the rest of humanity. Not only this, but think of your great, great grand children, if wolves were to go extinct, they would never know their beauty, their bonds, their own humanity. Before you say 'they're just animals' I will remind you that YOU are just an animal. Homo Sapien, mammal, primate. The wolves you intend to destroy are mammals as well, they know love, and sorrow, happiness, and excitement, but unlike humans, they know no hate. Stop destroying beautiful things because you do not understand them and because you choose not to understand them. There are so few of them left, do you really want to take that away from future generations?

  5. Can't post on the link, I suppose I'm not from there but still!