Sunday, May 26, 2013

Take Action for Wolves!

Wolves were determined to be taken off of the Endangered Species List by the federal government (that means that they won't be protected) everywhere in the United States. This decision has been delayed on account of the outcry of both concerned citizens and scientists. After all, protections for wolves will be removed even in states that don't have wolves yet. Any wolves that disperse into states without a viable population - California, for example - will not be protected. Please email - - or Tweet - @SecretaryJewell - Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. Tell her that wolves still need protection in areas that they need to recover! Let her know that her decision will affect future generations - and those future generations care. Thank you from the wolves!


  1. I think that wolves should still be on the endangered list.

  2. Wolves should be on the endangered list because I have never seen a wolf in my whole 10 years of life. I live in Connecticut, does that mean we don't have wolves and that we will never get them? Please take this into consideration!

  3. I also want the wolves to still be on the endangered list because I always wanted to see 1, and that the wolves will die out at the same rate as they did before if they are taken off the endangered list. I can't see one because I live in Connecticut. Thank you for looking at my post.